Loving fall weather!

The weather here suddenly went from 95 degrees to 60 degrees so I got to wear a real fall outfit for once today. Even in this I was a bit chilly outside with all of the rain.

This outfit was once again a shot at mixing things up in new ways. Instead of wearing the tie that came with this sweater, I decided to wear the belt that I overspent on bought to go with my rehearsal dinner dress.

Sweater: Bergner’s

Belt: White House | Black Market

Jeans: YMIs

Boots: Shoegasm

Trying out a new look

One of my (many) goals this fall is to remix clothes I already own in new ways. As Bill and I start budgeting together for the first time, I’m realizing that I really need to get the most out of the clothes I own and buy.

As I was getting ready for church this weekend I put together a new combo of this dress and sweater. In real life there was a little more difference between the blue dress and purple sweater. Then I decided to pull out a scarf. I had it around my neck but realized I needed to balance the outfit with a more open neckline. Suddenly I was inspired to wear the scarf around my head and VOILA! A completely new look that I’ve never tried before. I loved every minute of it and even Bill surprisingly¬†thought it was cute!

Scarf: NY & Company

Sweater: Bergner’s

Dress: NY & Company

Boots: Steve Madden

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