It must be the change in the weather but lately I’m loving vests of all kinds. I can’t get enough of adding this little extra layer to most of outfits. I’m finding it adds a touch more interest than a top alone without adding too much bulk as spring weather creeps in. I found this […]

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Saks5 STL: Spring Wardrobe Refresh


I find the beginning of spring to be a time where I need to refresh my life. Once the weather warms up I kick my workout plan into action, clean out my closets and start anew. It’s also one of the few times of the year that I truly refresh my wardrobe. After months of […]

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Life As As I Know It

The beautiful Music Hall in Cincinnati on a recent trip

Oh, life. Life is unexpected, crazy and truly a roller coaster these days. Between work, family and friends – I’ve been choosing offline life over online life. But I couldn’t live without my online community of friends. I miss you all.   I’ve been traveling for work and for fun, eating out and cooking new […]

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Easy Date Night Dress

Date Night Dress

Bill and I went out for dinner and a movie the night after Valentine’s Day. We’re actually pretty lucky in that we do a lot of date nights but we don’t often go out of our way to get dressed up for them. For this date, I decided to take advantage of the break in […]

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Surviving the Cold with Accessories

Red Jeans and Chambray Shirt

This winter has quite possibly been the worst. I don’t mean we’ve had the coldest temps ever or the most snowfall. I just mean the worst. As in, I’m so over it and if I could send it packing by giving up one of my favorite pairs of shoes, I might just take winter up […]

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Under $50: Date-Ready Dresses

Date Ready Dresses

Bill and I aren’t big Valentine’s Day celebrators but I do love any excuse to get dressed up! We’re planning to stay in tonight and go out to dinner tomorrow once places have cleared a bit. I’m hoping to make it to the mall tomorrow during the day to find some work-ready clothes and  maybe […]

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