Drinking My Way Through Portland In The Rain


One of my favorite parts of Portland was all of the beer. Yes, beer. There are so many fantastic breweries in and around downtown Portland, all well set up for sampling your way through their wares. We went to Hair of the Dog (pictured above), Lucky Labrador (great for sitting around, drinking beer and playing […]

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Under The Bridge


If you follow my Instagram, you know I was recently in Portland, Oregon. I had an amazing time with two of my best friends that I’ve known since high school. I’m still getting through photos but can’t wait to share some of the adventures we had during our week there. To start, one of the […]

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It must be the change in the weather but lately I’m loving vests of all kinds. I can’t get enough of adding this little extra layer to most of outfits. I’m finding it adds a touch more interest than a top alone without adding too much bulk as spring weather creeps in. I found this […]

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Saks5 STL: Spring Wardrobe Refresh


I find the beginning of spring to be a time where I need to refresh my life. Once the weather warms up I kick my workout plan into action, clean out my closets and start anew. It’s also one of the few times of the year that I truly refresh my wardrobe. After months of […]

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Life As As I Know It

The beautiful Music Hall in Cincinnati on a recent trip

Oh, life. Life is unexpected, crazy and truly a roller coaster these days. Between work, family and friends – I’ve been choosing offline life over online life. But I couldn’t live without my online community of friends. I miss you all.   I’ve been traveling for work and for fun, eating out and cooking new […]

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Easy Date Night Dress

Date Night Dress

Bill and I went out for dinner and a movie the night after Valentine’s Day. We’re actually pretty lucky in that we do a lot of date nights but we don’t often go out of our way to get dressed up for them. For this date, I decided to take advantage of the break in […]

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