Sponsored Post: Hanes Summer Styling

My favorite thing about summer is mixing and matching bright colors in fun ways! You don’t have to worry too much about coordinating – just find your favorite pieces and try them out!

One of my latest affordable finds for bright summer items is from Hanes (yes, this post is sponsored by Hanes but I do love their comfortable, affordable items!). Hanes has a brighter, more colorful look this summer with underwear, bras and tees in on-trend patterns and vibrant hues.

Here are a few of my latest items styled together. Sorry, ladies, no undie shots on this blog! :)

Hanes Summer Brights

T-Shirt: c/o Hanes | Bandini: c/o Hanes | Undies: c/o Hanes | Shorts: Mossimo

Hanes Summer StylingChambray Button Up: Urban Outfitters | Bandini: c/o Hanes | Undies: c/o Hanes | Bracelet: ? | Skirt: Savers

The best part about Hanes’ new bright colors is how easy it is to find the perfect color you’ve been looking for!

Their #UndercoverColor locator has you select the color you love. I, of course, adore anything in hot pink! Once I selected my favorite color, it takes me to my mood board full of items specifically curated for my choice!

Hanes Undercover ColorWhat summer items are you still loving these days? Do you have a favorite Hanes product?


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Staying Stylish: July 4th

The Fourth of July is almost here! It’s a day for fun, friends, family and fireworks. It’s probably going to be super hot but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and festive!

Here are a few picks for how to stay stylish this July 4th.

Fourth of July 4th Fashion Style Outfit St Louis Blogger

1. Bubble Necklace – $7.99 | 2. Sunglasses – $9.99 | 3. Headband – $16 | 4. Crop Top – $24 | 5. Maxi Skirt – $42| 5. Wedges – $150

What are you planning to wear for the Fourth?

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Savers VIP Shopping Event

Last week I was invited to check out an amazing new store called Savers Value Village in Crestwood. I decided to bring out some summer clothes and update them with some leggings and my trusty chambray button-up shirt.

Chevron Dress

Chambray Button-Up: BDG from Urban Outfitters | Chevron Dress: Target | Leggings: Target | Boots: Steve Madden | Necklace: Gifted | Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy

chevron dress and chambray

I had never heard of Savers before but quickly learned it’s a resale superstore with some fabulous, affordable finds! As part of the VIP event, they gave me $100 to shop. I was there for about an hour and came away with five dresses, one skirt, three shirts and a necklace that totalled only $88! I can’t wait to show you what I found!

Savers Racks

The store is HUGE! Bigger than even the largest Goodwill and each section is meticulously organized by item and then size.

Savers Shoe Section

The shoe department rivals the size of the shoe section at TJ Maxx.

Savers Discount Shoes

These were a pair of shoes that I would have loved to grab in my size. Alas they were a size 8 I think. If your feet are a little smaller than mine, hop on over there and buy these for $3.99! Yes, $3.99!

Savers Purses

They had purses of all sizes, shapes and styles!

Burberry Pants

The items are a really good mix of items from stores like Forever 21, Ann Taylor LOFT and Target mixed with vintage items, including some designer goods like the Burberry pants. I believe these were only $29.99.

Have you shopped at a Savers before? Find one in your area

Under $25: Tights and Leggings

As the weather begins to get super chilly, one of my favorite ways to stay warm (and make summer and fall dresses and skirts wearable all year long) is by adding tights and leggings. Got a floral summer dress that you just can’t bear to put away until spring? Throw on some tights! Just snagged a miniskirt from the clearance section and can’t wait to wear it? Put on some leggings! It’s pretty much a foolproof way to get more use out of your clothes and avoid having to buy an entirely new wardrobe for each season.

Now, I do think it’s important to note here that I do not believe leggings are to be worn as pants. Yes, I’ve used thick leggings as undergarments to otherwise short tunics and dresses, but if I would be able to see your undies without your leggings, you should probably rethink your wardrobe. </rant>

When it comes to buying tights, I typically buy tights that fall into one of two categories: wardrobe staples and statement pieces.

Wardrobe Staples

I often try to buy my wardrobe staples in a brand I know will hold up to lots of wears. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a pair of black tights and having them be all stretched out in weird places and have runs in the knees. Places I’ve personally found great, long-lasting tights include Target (the Merona brand, not the Exhilaration brand), We Love Colors and JC Penney. Anything with a heavier denier (or thickness) with give you that opaque look and tend to last a bit longer. I typically try to buy between 40 and 70 denier tights unless I want to show some leg through them.

Here are a few fabulous places to get staple tights and leggings for under $25:

We Love Colors Tights


We Love Colors – $8

JC Penny Seamless Legging

JC Penney Seamless Legging – $8

Merona Women's Premium Sweater Tights

Target Merona Premium Sweater Tights – $12

Statement Pieces

As with any statement piece, if you don’t expect to wear them a lot, you can get them a little cheaper and with less worry about how they will hold up year after year. Now, no gal loves runs in her tights, of course! Maybe I’ve been uber lucky but I’ve rarely gotten a run in my tights while out and about.

Here are some super fun statement tights and leggings for under $25:

White Heart All Over Tights

ASOS White Hearts All Over Tights – $14 

Strolling Around Tights

ModCloth Strolling Around Tights – $15.99

HUE Super Control Top Opaque Tights

HUE Super Control Top Opaque Tights – $13.50

Instant Antique Tights

ModCloth Instant Antique Tights – $11.99

Xhilaration Juniors Layering Tights

Target Xhilaration Layering Tights – $7

Where do you buy your tights? Any other brands I should know about?

Under $25: Statement Rings

I’ve always been a big bracelet person. Even before arm parties were the hottest thing since sliced bread, I’ve loved bracelets. However, I recently snagged a ring so amazing that I haven’t wanted to take it off. I mean, if it weren’t absolutely disgusting I would probably shower with it on.

Check out this little monster:

I snagged him for only $4.80 at Forever 21!

Now I have been noticing statement rings all over and am totally obsessed! Here are a few awesome picks under $25 if you’re not quite sure if a statement ring is right for you (trust me: it is!).

At $17.99 this Red Hot Geo Ring is large and in charge!

Stack your rings with this rose gold set of Shimmering Rings, $5.80

Silver Jagged Pyramid Ring, $19.99

Which statement ring will you snag?

Under $25: Midi Dresses

Last year seemed like the year of the maxi. The 70s trend was back in full force on tall and short girls alike! This year has just begun but I’ve already seen the midi dress pop up in quite a few mags and on a lot of blogs.

The midi is basically a dress that hits below your knee but falls above your ankles. The length really has to be just perfect in order to pull of this look. I’d suggest wearing wedges or some height in your shoes to keep that long, leggy look.

I’m starting a new feature all around some of the best picks for under $25. I picked $25 because that’s really the amount when I start to really consider if I need the item or not. If it’s under $25, it’s easier to justify!

Here are few great, affordable midi dresses!


Etsy | ASOS | Forever 21

What Under $25 would you like to see next?

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