Top Fashion/Style Instagram Accounts to Follow for NYFW

Nina Garcia Instagram Google Glass

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not the holidays (although I do love me some ornaments and sparkle) – it’s Fall New York Fashion Week!

For those of us who can’t make it to the runway shows, I figured I put together a short roundup of some of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow. These are the folks I grab a peek at between work meetings and as I’m sitting in traffic (edit: I am not encouraging phone use while driving!)

Here are my top fashion and style Instagram accounts to follow during NYFW:

Nina Garcia (ImNinaGarcia)

Nina is at all the top shows and gives you a great view from the front row. Plus she’ll be wearing Google Glass this season so I’d expect tons of snaps!

Nina Garcia Instagram Google Glass

Elle Magazine (elleusa)

Elle Magazine has shots of models, videos of runways and more!

Elle Magazine NYFW Instagram

Oscar PR Girl (oscarprgirl)

One of the biggest names on Twitter, the face beyond ODR’s PR is also a leading Instagrammer for her humor, wit and, of course, photos.

OscarPRGirl Instagram

Eva Chen (evachen212)

Editor for Lucky Magazine and New York native, she’s got Fashion Week down to a science.

Eva Chen NYFW

Refinery 29 (refinery29)

The ‘blog’ we love to hate.

Refinery 29 Instagram

Huffington Post Style (huffpoststyle)

The team at HuffPo is capturing models getting ready, bloggers on the street and great videos from the front row.

HuffPo Style

Milk Studios (milkstudios)

Milk Studios is home to some of the best shows.

Milk Studios Instagram

Joe Zee (mrjoezee)

As Creative Director for Elle Magazine he’s got a firsthand look at the best shows and he looks like he’d be a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with.

Joe Zee and Style Awards

Who are you following? Are you going to be at NYFW and snapping along the way? Share your handle below!

Staying Stylish: July 4th

Fouth o

The Fourth of July is almost here! It’s a day for fun, friends, family and fireworks. It’s probably going to be super hot but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish and festive!

Here are a few picks for how to stay stylish this July 4th.

Fourth of July 4th Fashion Style Outfit St Louis Blogger

1. Bubble Necklace – $7.99 | 2. Sunglasses – $9.99 | 3. Headband – $16 | 4. Crop Top – $24 | 5. Maxi Skirt – $42| 5. Wedges – $150

What are you planning to wear for the Fourth?

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5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

Julie Blissoma Natural Products STL St Louis Beauty Care

My beauty daily beauty routine doesn’t change very often. When I find a product I like, I tend to stick with it, maybe adding new eyeshadows every now and then. I look for products that work as promised and, hopefully, don’t break the bank. However, one of the things I’ve been looking to do is make my beauty routine a bit more eco-friendly. Natural beauty products have a host of benefits beyond just helping the environment, including being better for your skin.

I met Julie from Blissoma, a St. Louis-based company that produces natural skin care products, at St. Louis Fashion Week and was immediately struck by her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make beauty more natural.

I reached out to Julie and asked her to share five ways we all could make our beauty routine a little more eco-friendly. Here’s the tips she had to share:

Julie Blissoma Natural Products STL St Louis Beauty Care

Isn’t she stunning?

1. Choose more products packaged in fully recyclable, natural materials like glass bottles and jars.

Plastic bottles can be recycled, and should be, but most of them are not made out of post-consumer waste to start with so it is only part of the recycling chain.  Recycled plastic bottles have to be downcycled, meaning a plastic bottle can’t be recycled into another plastic bottle.  Glass is infinitely and easily recyclable almost anywhere people live.  Glass containers can also be quite classy too, as they have that nice, heavy “real” feel to them.

2. Purchase natural, minimally packaged bar soaps instead of liquid body washes.

A bar of soap is smaller and lighter to ship which saves CO2 emissions in delivering it to stores and does not require a plastic bottle which saves CO2 and plastic on the container as well.  Natural soaps are fully biodegradable which is great for our water supply, whereas a body wash often is not unless it is coming from a truly natural brand that has used biodegradable surfactants.  There are also no extra preservatives in a bar soap which is great for your skin and toxin load, and they can be up to 84% organic.  Liquid washes are generally made from mostly synthetic surfactants and far less plant based materials.

3. Add one new natural product to your routine per month.

You don’t have to switch everything out all at once, and most people won’t.  Having at least one new item in your personal care routine at all times will help you arrive steadily at a cleaner total routine without causing a lot of disruption.  Be willing to try products from smaller companies and order online, as many of the best natural skincare and makeup brands may only be accessible online to many people.

4. Experiment until you find a natural product that fits your desires and needs.

As with anything, it can take a few tries to find the perfect fit. Don’t expect your skin to change overnight if you switch to a natural moisturizer. Give each product a good trial and if you don’t love it, try something else.

5. Join a monthly sample box program to try lots of options at a lost cost.

Paying a low price to services like Eco Emi and Goodebox allow you to receive a monthly box of curated natural samples to find the products you love. Eco Emi includes more than just personal care items so you can try natural chocolates, energy bars, etc. whereas Goodebox is strictly natural personal care items.
Do you use natural beauty products? Which do you love? How did you make the jump?

How to: Build the perfect arm party

arm party


It all started with a watch. Way back last year, I really started coveting a Michael Kors watch. I blame it on all of the fashion bloggers I follow showing off the newest Runway collection, but in reality it was my fault. There should be an 11th commandent that says, “Thou shalt not covet your neighbors watch.” I thought about it almost daily and soon I had it in my mind that I had to have one.

I didn’t buy one.

I hoped someone nice would come along and buy one for me.

Christmas came and went. My birthday came and went. I didn’t receive one (surprise, surprise – no one wanted to buy me a $300+ watch). Yet, I still had a feeling my wrist was a little lonely.


Then, around mid-February I suddenly came into some unexpected money. I don’t make much off of this little blog (here’s how I do make the little money that I do). Honestly, it’s barely enough to cover the technical fees to keep the thing running. But I’ve never written this blog for the money. I just enjoy doing it. Anyway, I had a new sponsor sign up that I wasn’t planning on. Suddenly, I had just enough money in my account to say, “I deserve to spend a piece of this on myself.” Typically when I receive money it automatically goes back into the blog or to pay for gas or groceries. This time, I decided to keep just enough to buy myself something I really wanted – a watch.

Once I had the money to spend, I was even more careful about spotting the watches people were wearing and learning all of my options. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t want a Michael Kors watch after all. The Michael Kors watches I lusted after were quite big and masculine and, frankly, quickly dwarfed my little wrists. In addition, I didn’t love that so many people I knew and followed online already owned one. Chalk it up to defiant individualism.

Soon, I started checking out the Kate Spade watches. All of them were stunning, yet slightly petite in comparison to the oversized watches everyone is wearing. They seemed like the kind of watch I could wear for years, even decades to come as the pendulum on watch trends continuously shifts from small to huge and back to small again.

Kate Spade Gramercy Grand

Finally, I had made up my mind. The Kate Spade Gramercy watch in gold would be mine. I drug Bill and my sister to Frontenac to the Kate Spade store. If I was going to spend this kind of money, I was going to get the full experience of shopping Kate Spade! Once we arrived, I excitedly told the woman working why I was here and that I had already picked out what I wanted. She showed me to the watches and guess what? The Kate Spade Gramercy wasn’t in stock in gold. My heart sunk. I had big plans to wear my shiny new watch to dinner and every so often just casually check the time. How could it not be in stock?

The woman showed me some other options and I wasn’t sure what to do. She encouraged me to try on a few similar watches and guess what I found? My skin is awful for gold. I mean awful. Every gold watch I tried on didn’t work well with the red undertones. She encouraged me to try on the rose gold instead. Suddenly, I had found my match. In looking at the rose gold online, it looked much more brassy than the actual watch appeared. As I tried on the watch and imagined myself checking the time for years (and decades) to come, I knew this was the one. After some amazing help from the staff in practicing taking it on and off (apparently I’m clasp illiterate) and a resizing on the spot, I wore my new watch to dinner and oh boy did I check the time!

Since buying my watch, I’ve been working on building the perfect arm party. Once again, I’ve been studying the wrists of every gal that walks by, pinning images for inspiration and searching my favorite blogs. I also asked for advice from my Facebook fans when I posted this picture of my arm party in progress (APIP?).

 arm partyWhat I’ve come to realize from my searching is that there are three things every arm party needs. You can add a few of each category, but a complete arm party has:

  1. A Statement Watch. Your watch should reflect you. I’ve seen small watches and huge watches. Metal watches and leather watches. Blinged out watches and simple watches. Pick one you love and build from there.
  2. Leather. Leather acts as a great way to add some accent to your metal. I’m particularly drawn to leather bracelets that wrap multiple times around your wrist. Do your best to match the metal hardware on your leather bracelets but don’t stress too much. Mixing metals is in!
  3. Detailed Metal. This is where you can really show your personality and where I recommend you buy several, super affordable pieces. Some days you may feel like spikes while others you might want something more soft and floral. Having flexibility will allow you to switch up your arm party mood at a moment’s notice.

How to Build the Perfect Arm Party


Do you have any recommendations on how to build the perfect arm party? Share them in the comments or share a photo on Facebook!

Staying Stylish: When Sick

Staying Stylish While Sick

Staying Stylish While Sick

Buy It: Cardigan | Jeggings (Similar) | Necklace | Booties | Blush | Lip Balm

Is it just me or is everyone and their mom (literally) fighting some version of the flu, cold or other nastiness? I’ve been hit by some mix of all of the above this week. To be honest, I’ve been miserably whiny, eating a lot of junk food (am I the only one who craves ice cream when you have a sore throat?) and probably pretty disgusting.

Luckily, Bill has been healthy thus far so he’s been able to care for me a bit.

This week has me thinking though: What do you do when you’re sick as a dog and still have places to go? And you have to look presentable going to them?

We’re planned for dinner tonight with my sister and possibly some fun events this weekend. How on Earth will I pull myself together?

Here are few of my not-so-secret tips for staying stylish, even when you’re sick:

1. Layers, layers, layers

One of the worst things about being sick is the constant hot/cold drama. A slouchy boyfriend cardigan is just the piece for dealing with the up and downs of your temp and for looking effortlessly chic.

2. Jeggings, anyone?

Whether you love leggings, skinny jeans or jeggings, find a pair of comfortable pants that allow you to go from lounging on the couch to meeting up with friends and no one will know you’ve been napping all afternoon to prep for your happy hour.

3. Statement jewelry

Throw on a quick statement necklace on your way out the door to add some flair to your hipster self.

4. Flat boots

This trend is perfect for comfort and style. You don’t need to be worrying about heels when you’re dealing with congestion.

5. Blush

A quick swipe of blush will put some color in your cheeks and counterbalance the redness of your nose. Speaking of that redness, buy good tissues and try a little concealer and powder.

6. Moisturize

Last, but not least, whether you’re out and about or resting up at home, don’t forget to moisturize! Being sick can quickly dehydrate your lips and skin. Keep your lip balm handy and skip the lipstick.

What tips do you have for beating a cold with style?

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