STL Shops: Mister Guy Women’s Store {+ Giveaway}


I’m going to be starting a new semi-regular feature called STL Shops where I’ll feature boutiques and stores around town. First up: Mister Guy Women’s Store, an adorable boutique tucked in Ladue.

Mister Guy Women’s Store | 9817 Clayton Road, Ladue MO | | $$$


Mister Guy has been around for 37 years providing women and men with speciality clothing that transitions effortlessly to any occasion.

Carla-MisterGuyLadiesPhoto via Mister Guy

Carla, who co-owns the store with her husband, gave me a full tour, pointing out all of the great pieces they have on hand for fall and winter.


As we walked around the store, it quickly became obvious that Carla has a passion for dressing women of all ages in clothes that will catch your eye.


We were both drawn in by the subtle detailing of each piece. The jackets have stunning tailoring, the crisp shirts have fun buttons and even the knits feature unexpected patterns and cut outs.



In addition to having local exclusive rights to carry some brands and designers, they also carry some local brands like the jewelry by Cynthia currently available in store for a trunk show happening October 5th.

DSC_0001Having seen some of the jewelry first hand like the pieces above, I can tell you they are show stoppers!

Just as fabulous, Mister Guy has teamed up with Style Every Day and a handful of select bloggers to offer our readers the opportunity to win a Cynthia cuff! Enter to win the CZ Burnes Lionfish Cuff using the Rafflecopter below! This stunning piece of arm candy features a cluster of vintage smokey Aurora borealis rhinestones on aluminum and retails at $312! 

CZ Burnes Lionfish Cuff Mister Guy

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Rules:

  • Enter now through October 5, 2013 at 12:00 am
  • Must live in the US
  • One winner from all 10 bloggers participating will be selected for the cuff
  • Winner will have 24 hours to respond to email before another winner will be selected.
  • Good luck! :)

Disclosure: Alive Magazine and Mister Guy invited me to participate in the Mister Guy Women’s Store giveaway. Unless noted, all images and opinions are solely mine!


How to: Build the perfect arm party

arm party


It all started with a watch. Way back last year, I really started coveting a Michael Kors watch. I blame it on all of the fashion bloggers I follow showing off the newest Runway collection, but in reality it was my fault. There should be an 11th commandent that says, “Thou shalt not covet your neighbors watch.” I thought about it almost daily and soon I had it in my mind that I had to have one.

I didn’t buy one.

I hoped someone nice would come along and buy one for me.

Christmas came and went. My birthday came and went. I didn’t receive one (surprise, surprise – no one wanted to buy me a $300+ watch). Yet, I still had a feeling my wrist was a little lonely.


Then, around mid-February I suddenly came into some unexpected money. I don’t make much off of this little blog (here’s how I do make the little money that I do). Honestly, it’s barely enough to cover the technical fees to keep the thing running. But I’ve never written this blog for the money. I just enjoy doing it. Anyway, I had a new sponsor sign up that I wasn’t planning on. Suddenly, I had just enough money in my account to say, “I deserve to spend a piece of this on myself.” Typically when I receive money it automatically goes back into the blog or to pay for gas or groceries. This time, I decided to keep just enough to buy myself something I really wanted – a watch.

Once I had the money to spend, I was even more careful about spotting the watches people were wearing and learning all of my options. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t want a Michael Kors watch after all. The Michael Kors watches I lusted after were quite big and masculine and, frankly, quickly dwarfed my little wrists. In addition, I didn’t love that so many people I knew and followed online already owned one. Chalk it up to defiant individualism.

Soon, I started checking out the Kate Spade watches. All of them were stunning, yet slightly petite in comparison to the oversized watches everyone is wearing. They seemed like the kind of watch I could wear for years, even decades to come as the pendulum on watch trends continuously shifts from small to huge and back to small again.

Kate Spade Gramercy Grand

Finally, I had made up my mind. The Kate Spade Gramercy watch in gold would be mine. I drug Bill and my sister to Frontenac to the Kate Spade store. If I was going to spend this kind of money, I was going to get the full experience of shopping Kate Spade! Once we arrived, I excitedly told the woman working why I was here and that I had already picked out what I wanted. She showed me to the watches and guess what? The Kate Spade Gramercy wasn’t in stock in gold. My heart sunk. I had big plans to wear my shiny new watch to dinner and every so often just casually check the time. How could it not be in stock?

The woman showed me some other options and I wasn’t sure what to do. She encouraged me to try on a few similar watches and guess what I found? My skin is awful for gold. I mean awful. Every gold watch I tried on didn’t work well with the red undertones. She encouraged me to try on the rose gold instead. Suddenly, I had found my match. In looking at the rose gold online, it looked much more brassy than the actual watch appeared. As I tried on the watch and imagined myself checking the time for years (and decades) to come, I knew this was the one. After some amazing help from the staff in practicing taking it on and off (apparently I’m clasp illiterate) and a resizing on the spot, I wore my new watch to dinner and oh boy did I check the time!

Since buying my watch, I’ve been working on building the perfect arm party. Once again, I’ve been studying the wrists of every gal that walks by, pinning images for inspiration and searching my favorite blogs. I also asked for advice from my Facebook fans when I posted this picture of my arm party in progress (APIP?).

 arm partyWhat I’ve come to realize from my searching is that there are three things every arm party needs. You can add a few of each category, but a complete arm party has:

  1. A Statement Watch. Your watch should reflect you. I’ve seen small watches and huge watches. Metal watches and leather watches. Blinged out watches and simple watches. Pick one you love and build from there.
  2. Leather. Leather acts as a great way to add some accent to your metal. I’m particularly drawn to leather bracelets that wrap multiple times around your wrist. Do your best to match the metal hardware on your leather bracelets but don’t stress too much. Mixing metals is in!
  3. Detailed Metal. This is where you can really show your personality and where I recommend you buy several, super affordable pieces. Some days you may feel like spikes while others you might want something more soft and floral. Having flexibility will allow you to switch up your arm party mood at a moment’s notice.

How to Build the Perfect Arm Party


Do you have any recommendations on how to build the perfect arm party? Share them in the comments or share a photo on Facebook!

Ask Rachael: The Perfect Winter Pea Coat for Shorter Girls

This is part of a new series I’m doing called Ask Rachael where lovely readers just like you submit questions about how to wear this, where to find that and everything in between. Submit your own question by emailing me at
Heidi asks:

I’m looking for a new winter coat. Ideally, it would be a cute pea coat/trench coat. I want good quality but I don’t want to pay a lot. I want it to be warm but not bulky. I’m short (5’2″) so I don’t think I can wear the longer coats.  Any suggestions?

Rachael says:
Shopping for winter wear can seem daunting and expensive. Add in the fact that you’re concerned about dimensions and you’ve got a straight-up shopping nightmare. Never fear, Heidi! With a few tips, you’ll be able to find the perfect winter pea coat that fits your body and your budget.
First, let’s address the budget piece. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect coat on a budget:
  • Never buy a full-priced coat. Coats are one of those things that very few people truly need, so they will inevitably go on sale. If you truly don’t have an old one you can’t wear for a few more weeks, bundle up in layers and warm accessories until they begin to markdown. You’ll start to see sales by the first week in November, but after Thanksgiving is even better. Better yet, plan ahead and buy off the deep clearance racks in January and February.
  • Shop department stores and use those coupons. I’m not a huge fan of department stores because often I find better deals online but department stores are notorious for their coupons around this time of year. Wait for that coveted 30 or 40 percent off one item and buy your coat then! Many department stores will have Goodwill days where they ask you to donate an old item in exchange for a deep discount on something new. This is perfect time to get rid of that ill-fitting coat and grab a stylish new one.
  • Check out unknown brands and synthetic fabrics. Kohl’s and JC Penney both are great places to get non-name brand coats in polyesters at great prices. Unless you live in Chicago or Buffalo and are fighting subzero temps and strong winds on a daily basis, these coats will keep you warm without being too heavy. While I adore my wool coat, it’s actually often too warm for central Missouri weather. Man-made materials are cheaper to produce and often easier to care for – saving you money at the checkout lane and at the cleaners.
Now, let’s discuss how to find a coat for girls under 5’5″. When it comes to dressing based on height, it’s all about dimensions. If you’re often feeling like the coat is wearing you instead of the opposite, follow a few simple rules:
  • Don’t let the bottom hem fall lower than halfway down your butt. This is sort of a made up rule, but I find once you cover more than half of your rear, you begin to look shorter.
  • Draw attention upward. Whether it’s colors, ruffles or military details, details on the upper half of your body focus people on your face and upper body as opposed to having them look downward, thus assessing your height.
  • Look for vertical not horizontal detailing. Vertical stripes, ruffles, buttons, etc. create the illusion of height.
  • Create curves. One of the biggest reasons people feel like their coat makes them look short is because many coats are too boxy. A long, boxy coat does no one favors. If you’re going double breasted, make sure it’s shorter. If you want something a little longer, look for a coat with a tie at the waist that will create curves and lengthen your body.
Here are some coats that would be perfect for any shorter gal!
What coats are your favorite? Any additions you would recommend to Heidi?

Ask Rachael: How to Style a Thrifted Blazer


This is part of a new series I’m doing called Ask Rachael where lovely readers just like you submit questions about how to wear this, where to find that and everything in between. Submit your own question by emailing me at

Kim asks:

I debated on this particular jacket for some time, and then realized it was on clearance, 50% off of my local Goodwill Store’s everyday low price of $4.99!  (MORE FOR YOUR MONEY!) So, even though I was perplexed about this little number, I bought it.  It fits perfectly, is lined and it’s in great shape.  The color is fun, peacock blue.  (I am trying to add some color to my fairly drab work wardrobe…a block of color with all brown, black or gray makes me feel SO much better!)  The textured fabric is sort of damask, see the close-up.

It’s obviously an outdated style due to its length.  Being a longer, mid-thigh length jacket, it was probably fashionable in the 80s-90s?!  But, I WANT TO WEAR THIS, somehow, someway.  I felt in my gut that there was a way to make this into a trendy outfit.

Rachael says:

First off, what a great snag, Kim! I’m in love with the fabric and color of this blazer! Well done!

Next, as we head into fall, there are oodles of ways to show of your new piece. First, let’s talk about proportions. Because this blazer is a bit long and slightly box, I’d recommend pairing it with fitted pieces underneath. Skinny jeans, mini skirts and boot cut jeans are all easy winners. You can also pull off this blazer with the right A-line dress, as long as the blazer hits just below the waist of the dress.

Here are few Pinterest photos to help you visualize how these could work together. Notice where the hem of the blazer falls on each and that many people are rolling their blazer sleeves (this is an easy way to update a thrifted blazer and make it look brand new!). Just don’t forget an arm party if you’re baring wrists!

Pink Blazer


 Pinned Image




 Finally, finding the right color to go with that beautiful peacock blue color is going to be key. Of course, black and white would be an easy combination that you could probably make with your current wardrobe quite easily. Here are some places I always look for inspiration to find color palettes that push outfits from basic to wow:


 Mother Nature really does know best. Any color palette that occurs in the wild is going to beautiful and effortless! Peacock feathers feature natural blues, greens and browns that would be perfect pairs to your blazer. In addition, take cues from the sheen of a feather and add some metallic accents to really bring out that fabric!

Interior Design

 Clothes and interior design are more closely tied than you’d think! Homes often feature that beautiful blue color with accompanying mustards, golds and whites. This room is beautiful and would look just as stunning brought to life on any stylish gal!


Fabrics are a great place to find inspiration for outfits! This elephant print features some really natural light greens, purples and even lighter and darker blues that would look a-mazing with your blazer!

What would you recommend Kim wear with this steal of a find? Which outfit idea or color palette is your favorite?

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