Saks5 STL: Spring Wardrobe Refresh

I find the beginning of spring to be a time where I need to refresh my life. Once the weather warms up I kick my workout plan into action, clean out my closets and start anew.

It’s also one of the few times of the year that I truly refresh my wardrobe. After months of heavy knits, winter coats and chunky boots, I yearn for light fabrics, beautiful florals and open toed-shoes.

Step into Saks Fifth Avenue, Plaza Frontenac this month and you’ll see they’re living this spring refresh throughout the store. Everything breathes fresh, airy and beautiful! I was asked to select five items from Saks this month and I can’t wait to share the goodies I found! Here are my Saks5 picks:

1. The Perfect Olive Jacket: This Joie jacket ($328) helps you transition any item from winter to spring.

2. Silk Floral Button Up: The purple florals in this Rebecca Taylor blouse ($275) are reminiscent of vintage prints.

3. Ankle Pants: The lighter floral on these Joie ankle pants ($298) counterbalance the heaviness of the jacket.

4. Raffia Wedges: Let your feet breathe in these subtle but stylish Kate Spade wedges ($258).

5. Bright Blush: Blush is having a moment and NARS Orgasm ($30) is my personal favorite for adding spring colors to your cheeks!





If you’re shopping the Plaza Frontenac Saks this month, don’t miss these events:

4.3 Dior Spa and National artist
4.3 Saks First Triple Points Event
4.3-4.5 Sisley Spa event
4.3-4.5 Shop NYC in Men’s
4.5 David Yurman  Trunk Show
4.12 Gurhan PA
4.21-27 Saks Friends and Family Event
4.23-4.24 About Face Masterclass
4.23 – 4.24 Roberto Coin Trunk Show
4.24 Rebecca Minkoff Personal Appearance
4.24-26 St. Louis Fashion Week
4.24 Fur Salon Restyle Made to Measure Event
4.25-4.26 18kt Appraisers Trunk Show
4.25- 4.26 Barry Brinker Trunk Show
4.30-5.1 Peggy Jennings Trunk Show

Disclosure: This post was created as part of a collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue’s Plaza Frontenac location, but yes, I really do love these items and all opinions are mine. 

Life As As I Know It

Oh, life. Life is unexpected, crazy and truly a roller coaster these days.

Between work, family and friends – I’ve been choosing offline life over online life. But I couldn’t live without my online community of friends. I miss you all.


The beautiful Music Hall in Cincinnati on a recent trip

The beautiful Music Hall in Cincinnati on a recent trip

I’ve been traveling for work and for fun, eating out and cooking new recipes. Through it all, I’ve been doing my best to live up to the goal of this blog: look fabulous every day without paying an arm and a leg doing it. Here’s the thing though – it almost feels like if I don’t blog about my outfits they didn’t happen. Yes, that sounds a little odd but given I’ve been sharing my outfits with you for the past six plus years, I need to share with you in order to feel like I really wore it in the world. So here goes:

DSC_0013 Top: H&M | Scarf: H&M | Jeans: YMIs | Flats: TJ Maxx


Easy Date Night Dress

Bill and I went out for dinner and a movie the night after Valentine’s Day. We’re actually pretty lucky in that we do a lot of date nights but we don’t often go out of our way to get dressed up for them.

For this date, I decided to take advantage of the break in winter weather to wear something a little more fun!

I started with a basic dress and layers tights, booties and an open sweater for warmth and color.

Date Night DressDress: TJ Maxx | Tights: Target | Sweater: Nordstrom Rack | Booties: Shoemint

Surviving the Cold with Accessories

This winter has quite possibly been the worst. I don’t mean we’ve had the coldest temps ever or the most snowfall. I just mean the worst. As in, I’m so over it and if I could send it packing by giving up one of my favorite pairs of shoes, I might just take winter up on his offer.

Pretty much the only thing that has kept me from wearing sweats to work every day is accessories. I’m talking statement pieces, friends. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing the same pair of jeans I’ve worn for three days in a row with the warmest sweater in my closet and a pair of wool socks. If I add a fabulous necklace or arm party I suddenly feel very pulled together.

Red Jeans and Chambray ShirtSweater: LOFT (similar) | Chambray Top: Urban Outfitters (similar) | Denim: INC (similar) | Booties: ShoemintNecklace: c/o Ash & Willow

This Aztec necklace from Ash & Willow is the perfect item for layering. I adore how the chunky chain stands its own against my chunky sweater, but I can also tell you I’ve worn this with delicate dresses and it looks great there too! And how can you beat such a great necklace for only $24!

Ash & Willow Aztec Necklace

What are you all doing to keep your spirits high in all of this weather?


Under $50: Date-Ready Dresses

Bill and I aren’t big Valentine’s Day celebrators but I do love any excuse to get dressed up! We’re planning to stay in tonight and go out to dinner tomorrow once places have cleared a bit.

I’m hoping to make it to the mall tomorrow during the day to find some work-ready clothes and  maybe snag a new dress for our date.

These five dresses are all so ready for any date and all priced under $50!

Date Ready Dresses

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5


New York City from the airPhoto from my Instagram

It’s been awhile since I last posted here.

I could blame it on the holidays. I could blame it on my busy work life. I could probably even blame it on feeling unmotivated.

I could blame it on some or all of those things and I wouldn’t really be lying.

However, if I’m truly being honest with myself, I’ve been contemplating where I go from here. What am I really passionate about. What motivates me to sit down and write but also to live in the real world beyond the blogosphere.

I recently celebrated my 26th birthday. I’m usually the kind of person who celebrates a birthday week and really takes advantage of a time dedicated to me. However, this year was different. I dealt with a death just a few days before. I found myself stuck in an airport on business on my actual birthday. And yet, I can’t complain at all because when the day came to celebrate, Bill was the most amazing husband I could ask for and planned a gathering of some of my closest friends for a night of good food, good drinks and great laughter.

Something about this year left me really thinking through what I should be working toward as I grow older. Twenty-six is far from a landmark age but for the first time I felt like I was in a place that I need to be truly thinking about, and planning for, the future.

In the next few years, I want to grow our family. I want to be in a place where I feel ready to take that step. For me, that means being healthy, being happy and being secure enough to care for another human being.

I don’t like to set New Year’s resolutions, but I do feel like I need to put this list to digital paper so that I can remind myself of where I want to be in the years to come.

  • I want to be healthy. This doesn’t mean losing five pounds or hitting the gym daily. It means feeling content with my body, my mind and my soul. It means treating my body with respect, taking care of my mental self and spending more time reflecting and praying.
  • I want to surround myself with others who are healthy. Happiness begets happiness.
  • I want to create an environment that is the best it can be for myself and others. I want to continue reduce the physical toxins in my life. We don’t each much processed foods but there’s always room for improvement. I want to learn about how to eat more sustainably through my own gardening, canning and preserving. I want to reduce the toxins I take into my body through beauty products and personal care.

I want to be healthy and surround myself with others and an environment that is healthy. I want a lot – I know. This is why I haven’t been writing here. Just typing these words is a bit terrifying and, yet, liberating.

I don’t plan to change the focus of this blog, but you may see more of my personality and hopes and dreams come through. You may see insight into the adventure I’m on. You may see more of me.

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