Rachael Powell Style Every DayFor as long as Rachael Powell can remember, she’s had a thing for clothes. From the first time she was allowed to pick out her own Easter dress at age five, she’s seen what she wore as a way to express herself. However, she also learned quickly that when other people were buying the latest high-end dresses, tops and shoes, her mom had a firm ‘it must be on sale’ rule. While at first she detested the fact that she had to rummage through clearance racks and search for coupons, it quickly became a game and a badge of honor. When her friends would exclaim “I love those shoes!,” it felt great when Rachael could reply, “Thanks, I got them on clearance at Target for $9.” **pause for friend gasp**

Today, Rachael loves scouring discount racks and thrift stores for great looks that won’t break the bank. She still holds true to the belief that clothes can transform the way you look and allow you to try on a new persona, even if it’s just for the day.

Style Every Day was born in Rachael’s college years as she looked for a way to let out her inner budget-conscious fashionista. When other girls were spending big bucks on designer sweat suits, Rachael found ways to look fashionable for less (no sweatpants allowed). Since then, Style Every Day has evolved to become a go-to source for women looking for inspiration, tips and advice on how to look great for less, every day. Rachael translates runway looks to approachable fashion and shows you how to buy it for less.