5 Ways to Make Your Beauty Routine More Eco-Friendly

My beauty daily beauty routine doesn’t change very often. When I find a product I like, I tend to stick with it, maybe adding new eyeshadows every now and then. I look for products that work as promised and, hopefully, don’t break the bank. However, one of the things I’ve been looking to do is make my beauty routine a bit more eco-friendly. Natural beauty products have a host of benefits beyond just helping the environment, including being better for your skin.

I met Julie from Blissoma, a St. Louis-based company that produces natural skin care products, at St. Louis Fashion Week and was immediately struck by her entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make beauty more natural.

I reached out to Julie and asked her to share five ways we all could make our beauty routine a little more eco-friendly. Here’s the tips she had to share:

Julie Blissoma Natural Products STL St Louis Beauty Care

Isn’t she stunning?

1. Choose more products packaged in fully recyclable, natural materials like glass bottles and jars.

Plastic bottles can be recycled, and should be, but most of them are not made out of post-consumer waste to start with so it is only part of the recycling chain.  Recycled plastic bottles have to be downcycled, meaning a plastic bottle can’t be recycled into another plastic bottle.  Glass is infinitely and easily recyclable almost anywhere people live.  Glass containers can also be quite classy too, as they have that nice, heavy “real” feel to them.

2. Purchase natural, minimally packaged bar soaps instead of liquid body washes.

A bar of soap is smaller and lighter to ship which saves CO2 emissions in delivering it to stores and does not require a plastic bottle which saves CO2 and plastic on the container as well.  Natural soaps are fully biodegradable which is great for our water supply, whereas a body wash often is not unless it is coming from a truly natural brand that has used biodegradable surfactants.  There are also no extra preservatives in a bar soap which is great for your skin and toxin load, and they can be up to 84% organic.  Liquid washes are generally made from mostly synthetic surfactants and far less plant based materials.

3. Add one new natural product to your routine per month.

You don’t have to switch everything out all at once, and most people won’t.  Having at least one new item in your personal care routine at all times will help you arrive steadily at a cleaner total routine without causing a lot of disruption.  Be willing to try products from smaller companies and order online, as many of the best natural skincare and makeup brands may only be accessible online to many people.

4. Experiment until you find a natural product that fits your desires and needs.

As with anything, it can take a few tries to find the perfect fit. Don’t expect your skin to change overnight if you switch to a natural moisturizer. Give each product a good trial and if you don’t love it, try something else.

5. Join a monthly sample box program to try lots of options at a lost cost.

Paying a low price to services like Eco Emi and Goodebox allow you to receive a monthly box of curated natural samples to find the products you love. Eco Emi includes more than just personal care items so you can try natural chocolates, energy bars, etc. whereas Goodebox is strictly natural personal care items.
Do you use natural beauty products? Which do you love? How did you make the jump?
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