STLFW: GLOW Fashion Show

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Finally, I’m excited to share the big event of Saint Louis Fashion Week! The GLOW: Go Local Fashion Show highlighted some of the best designers in our area and really wowed me and the other 350+ attendees.

STLFW GLOW Go Local Red Carpet Runway ShowAll of us STL bloggers walking the red carpet (L to R): Julia, Pysche, Lorena, Kelsey, Me and Erin and Amy

This was the first time I’ve ever sat front row for a fashion show of this size and I’ll be honest, I’m still pinching myself about it! The best part was getting to do it with all of these lovely ladies.

Bloggers Sitting front row at Saint Louis Fashion Week, Glow Go Local, Alive MagazinePhoto via Economy of Style

As for the show itself – wow! 10Denza, Blush Boutique, KayOss Designs, Paulie Gibson and Michael Drummond were all fabulous. While Michael Drummond’s show finale was definitely my favorite, I found pieces I loved in each show.

Here are the pieces that caught my eye the most:

10Denza STLFW Glow

10Denza STLFW Glow Menswear

KayOss Designs STLFW Glow Runway

KayOss Designs STLFW Glow Runway Menswear

KayOss Designs STLFW Glow Runway

STLFW Glow RunwaySTLFW Glow Runway Show

Michael Drummond STLFW Glow Runway Show

Michael Drummond STLFW Glow Runway ShowAll photos provided by Saint Louis Fashion Week/ALIVE Magazine

Which look is your favorite?

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  1. That looks so fun! Glad you got to go!