Austin: McKinney Falls State Park, Tacos, Vintage and Music

After a night out on the town, Bill and I were really excited to lace up our tennis shoes and do some physical activity.

We headed to McKinney Falls State Park for a little hiking and exploring. Bill and I aren’t serious mountain hikers but we do love a good challenge (we’ve hiked places where we had to help each other up hills, down paths and take off our shoes to cross a river). All in all, McKinney Falls State Park was interesting to us because the landscape was so dramatically different than the types of hiking areas we have in the Midwest but I was longing for some more serious hills.

McKinney Falls State Park AustinI was incredibly amazed by the amount of rock here. Apparently in the wet season, this becomes huge, beautiful falls. Sadly, we had just a tiny little dribble as the entire country is praying for rain these days.

McKinney Falls State ParkThis is all rock. Bill commented how it felt like we were walking on the moon. (Do you see me?)

McKinney Falls State Park Up CloseThere I am! Doing a moon walk… or something.

Cactus Austin TXYou probably don’t know this about me but I love cacti. I am currently on my second cactus I’ve ever owned (the first had an unfortunate fate when I was moving out of my college apartment). McKinney Falls State Park (and Austin, in general) was full of wild cacti just growing wherever they pleased – almost like weeds. This is one of about 12 cactus pictures I took in three days.

McKinney Falls Austin There isn’t a lot of solid rock like this in the Midwest.

Hiker at McKinney FallsSometime in our two or so hours at the park, I decided to get creative with my awful photography. Bill is not impressed.

torchy's tacosAfter our hike, we felt we deserved some delicious Austin tacos. We headed to Torchy’s (a local stationary food truck favorite). I ate the above baja shrimp and fried avocado. I’m not sure who thought deep frying an avocado was a good idea, but it was. Oh man it was. It was like deep fried guacamole. Delish. For the record, in total Bill and I ate a combined 13 tacos on our trip to Austin… No judging.

Dark Chocolate Cake PopNext door to Torchy’s was a cake pop shop. I bought a dark chocolate and cayenne pepper one. While it was amazing, I will warn you that Texans do spice differently than us. That is all.

Blue Maxi DressDress: Macy’s? | Jacket: Thrifted, Goodwill | Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy | Boots: Steve Madden

After a day of hiking and food, we headed to Hotel Vegas, a divey little bar that mixes live music with fantastic speak easy-style cocktails and a great outdoor space. They were hosting V for Vintage, a weekend-long vintage pop-up shop and two day concert series. After a few drinks, time spent checking out local Austin vintage (so. much. leather.) and listening to two bands, we headed home for some much needed rest.

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    Amazing photos! And I love your outfit in the last photo. That dress is gorgeous and I love, love, love the jacket. So pretty.