A Night On The Town

Saturday night, Bill and I had a great evening starting off with an any early play. The play, Good People, was a really interesting looking at the choices we make, morality and poverty. I’d recommend it if it’s playing in your area!

We don’t often go to plays so we decided to get a little dressed up for our night on the town.

I’ve had this dress for so many years I’m not sure anymore where I bought it but I believe I only paid $40 or $50 for it, so it was definitely a good deal that’s lasted me awhile! Paired with a little updo, I felt pretty fancy. I also had a pashmina to keep me warm in the chilly theater.

Purple floral dress

Dress: ? | Tights: Target | Heels: Colin Stuart from Victoria’s Secret | Earrings: custom made from our wedding | Bracelet: gift

Purple Dress back

Easy updo for long hair

This updo was inspired by the amazingly talented Kristen Linares at 13th and Washington. She showed me some simple tricks one night (more to come on that!) and I put them to use on Saturday night. If you’re in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend her skills!

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