Stylish Deal: Tracy Reese Blouse

Remember when Target’s Nieman Marcus Holiday Collection was on sale? Yeah, well it just went on clearance!

I finally scored that beautiful Tracy Reese blouse all for myself for a grand total of $25.87 (tax and shipping included)! I’m hoping to wear it for my upcoming birthday. Depending on the weather, I’ll likely wear skinny jeans and a black blazer or a bandage skirt. I think boxy sequins is perfect for turning 25, right?

Tracy Reese Blouse


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  1. says

    I’ve been eyeing that shirt too…saw a girl wearing it at the airport and decided that I needed it. I saw the collection today 70% off and was veeeery tempted…but now I want to see if it will get even cheaper so I’m holding out a bit longer. There is so much left in the Ridge Ave. Target that I think I might just get lucky.

    And yes, its a perfect special Birthday statement!