Under $25: Tights and Leggings

As the weather begins to get super chilly, one of my favorite ways to stay warm (and make summer and fall dresses and skirts wearable all year long) is by adding tights and leggings. Got a floral summer dress that you just can’t bear to put away until spring? Throw on some tights! Just snagged a miniskirt from the clearance section and can’t wait to wear it? Put on some leggings! It’s pretty much a foolproof way to get more use out of your clothes and avoid having to buy an entirely new wardrobe for each season.

Now, I do think it’s important to note here that I do not believe leggings are to be worn as pants. Yes, I’ve used thick leggings as undergarments to otherwise short tunics and dresses, but if I would be able to see your undies without your leggings, you should probably rethink your wardrobe. </rant>

When it comes to buying tights, I typically buy tights that fall into one of two categories: wardrobe staples and statement pieces.

Wardrobe Staples

I often try to buy my wardrobe staples in a brand I know will hold up to lots of wears. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a pair of black tights and having them be all stretched out in weird places and have runs in the knees. Places I’ve personally found great, long-lasting tights include Target (the Merona brand, not the Exhilaration brand), We Love Colors and JC Penney. Anything with a heavier denier (or thickness) with give you that opaque look and tend to last a bit longer. I typically try to buy between 40 and 70 denier tights unless I want to show some leg through them.

Here are a few fabulous places to get staple tights and leggings for under $25:

We Love Colors Tights


We Love Colors – $8

JC Penny Seamless Legging

JC Penney Seamless Legging – $8

Merona Women's Premium Sweater Tights

Target Merona Premium Sweater Tights – $12

Statement Pieces

As with any statement piece, if you don’t expect to wear them a lot, you can get them a little cheaper and with less worry about how they will hold up year after year. Now, no gal loves runs in her tights, of course! Maybe I’ve been uber lucky but I’ve rarely gotten a run in my tights while out and about.

Here are some super fun statement tights and leggings for under $25:

White Heart All Over Tights

ASOS White Hearts All Over Tights – $14 

Strolling Around Tights

ModCloth Strolling Around Tights – $15.99

HUE Super Control Top Opaque Tights

HUE Super Control Top Opaque Tights – $13.50

Instant Antique Tights

ModCloth Instant Antique Tights – $11.99

Xhilaration Juniors Layering Tights

Target Xhilaration Layering Tights – $7

Where do you buy your tights? Any other brands I should know about?

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    I was just telling someone the other day….I’ve found the best leggings at Kohl’s, Vera Wang! These are the thicker leggings, definitely meant for longer sweaters in the winter. But, they are great quality, fit snugly but not too tight. Just great value for a great product.