Cheap, Stylish Gift Wrap Ideas

Has anyone else noticed how ridiculously expensive gift wrap is?

Sorry, friends. I’m not paying $6 for like five feet of wrapping paper that will only cover a few gifts and then just rip the minute I start covering the edges of my boxes.

The other problem I have with traditional gift wrap is that I like my gifts to all look a little unique. This means I end up buying several different prints of wrapping paper, thus spending even more money.

This year, I’m trying something different! Maybe it’s Pinterest or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve gotten a heck of a lot craftier in the past few months but I’m going to wrap my gifts in stylish but cheap ways this year! Check this out:

Brown Shipping Paper

That is what they call brown shipping paper or craft paper. The name brand stuff is about $5 for 30 feet. They sell it online, at WalMart, at Target and pretty much everywhere else.

It looks boring, but I promise you – if I can make pretty gifts out of this stuff, so can you!

I’m going to be using a little white craft paint, some sponge brushes and some green, red and gold ribbon.

Don’t believe me? Here is my inspiration for gifts this year!

affordable brown paper gift wrap


cheap brown paper gift wrap


brown shipping paper gift wrap ideas


affordable gift wrap ideas


stamping on brown paper gift wrap


brown paper and red ribbon gift wrap (via)

That last one is definitely my favorite! I’ll be using it for some inspiration, while mixing in a few more holiday colors.

How are you wrapping your gifts this year?

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