Social Media Nerd? Yes, that’s me!

We’ve been in St. Louis for about a month and a half now and I’ve been really trying to get out and meet folks! I love seeing and doing new things, but it’s always sort of awkward to go to networking events when you don’t know a single person. Nevertheless, I forced myself to go to a recent Social Media Club STL Happy Hour to meet some other social media nerds like myself.

I have to be honest – at first, it was downright awful. I was that awkward girl who kept standing near people talking without ever having a good chance to introduce myself. Then, I saw a few other girls that looked like they were near my age and had on some adorable clothes and I took a chance. I went up and introduced myself. Lo and behold! It turned out one of the girls is also a fashion blogger and vintage store owner and is working on getting a group of fashion bloggers together in the city!

We’ve had some amazingly great things happen since we moved here, but this was definitely a higher power helping me out!

She even complimented me on my ‘so ugly it’s cute’ skirt! I knew I grabbed this thing out of my closet for a reason that morning.

Vintage pleated floral skirt

Vintage pleated floral skirt 2

Jacket: Goodwill | Tank: Target | Necklace: ? | Skirt: Kohl’s | Belt: H&M | Boots: Forever 21

Sorry for the weird cropping, etc… I’m still working on taking shots in our new home!

How have you met people after moving somewhere new? I’m up for all the suggestions you have!

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