Beauty Tip Tuesday: Spring Makeup Trends

With spring just around the corner it’s time to observe what makeup trends are supposed to be hot in the coming months. If you’re a fan of pastels, well defined brows, bronzer, and coral shades on the lips, then you’re in luck. According to what was seen on the models during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that’s exactly what we’re in store for. I’m definitely not disappointed with this makeup prediction simply because I love pastels and especially coral lips! I can’t wait to cozy up on my sofa and apply these fabulous new makeup trends on my face. Here’s what is in store for us and why each makeup look is going to be trendy and beautiful.

Spring Makeup Trends

Pastel Colors

Pastel makeup colors are both subtle and lovely. Pastels make me think of everything girlie, vintage, and spring time. Pastels makeup will be both natural and gorgeous. With glowing cheeks and subtle pink lip gloss or lip stick, I can certainly see the pastel makeup look going strong for some time.


Beautiful and bright coral lips will be like the focal point on a painting. Neutral makeup paired against coral lips will look both tropical and lush. Coral is such a stunning color already so I’m excited to see how it looks this spring and beyond. Just imagine complementing coral dresses and necklaces! Gorgeous!

Bronze Lids

Smokey eyes and bronze colors will be returning and you’ll also be seeing a combination of the two. Smokey eyes will be a great evening time look and when you want to tone it down during the day bronze eye shadow will look sparkly and fresh. Pair your bronze eye shadow with bronzer on your cheeks and look all ready to enjoy the summer time that will soon be here after spring!

I can’t wait to see all of these trends appear as spring gets closer. On Pinterest and on other social media sites I’ve already begun to see a few of these trends appear. All three of these makeup looks are more than just trends to me; they are gorgeous fashion statements that I hope stick around beyond spring and summer.

Sierra is a writer and fashion blogger. You can catch up on all of her latest happenings on her Ocean Dreams blog.

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