How to: Store jewelry

I’ve been trying to come up with some good ideas on jewelry storage for a long time. Since I moved to college (ahem: too many years ago), I’ve been using one of those tiny little Rubbermaid drawer thingies. It worked out OK for a few years. That was before I had as much jewelry as I do now, before I had nice jewelry (I still don’t have much really nice jewelry) and before I had a lot of space that was actually mine.

I’ve been thinking recently about coming up with a new way to organize my jewelry, and I’m playing around with a few ideas.

Jewelry Furniture

Jewelry furniture can be a really great way to store jewelry for anyone with a creative hand.  Often people source from their local Goodwill and then spend an afternoon redoing it to make it great.

You can make this

Get a classic looking jewelry armoire

into this

Modern Jewelry Armoire Makover


  • Make something your own
  • Lots of space for jewelry
  • Hidden out of sight


  • Even when reusing things, this can get expensive once you pay for the furniture, paint and hardware
  • Takes up a lot of space in your room
  • Time/creativity required to redo the furniture

Bulletin Board Style Wall Storage

You may have seen different variations of this across the Internet. Some people use a basic bulletin board, often covered in fabric, and hang their jewelry from there. Something like this:

Other people have gotten more creative. This is actually the top of a table repurposed as a jewelry holder:


  • Ability to easily create something to match your surrounding (as simple as adding fabric)
  • Fairly affordable
  • Easy access to your jewelry


  • Difficult to hang a variety of items beyond just necklaces
  • Limited storage for girls with a lot of jewelry


For a girl with less jewelry than I have, the mannequin storage might work out. There are plenty of variations on this from heads to hands. Sort of related to this is the tree idea. Either way, the point here is that you hang your jewelry in a sort of artfully.


  • Unique, artistic look


  • Very little storage
  • Difficult to find mannequins to use

Drawer Organizers

Finally, there are the classic drawer organizers. This allows you to organize each piece nicely in felt-lined trays and then tuck them out of sight into the drawer.

These trays are a great option, but there are also some other stylish ideas I came across for drawer organizers. Check out these little teacups and saucers:

Stylish Jewelry Storage


  • Lots of size options and space for lots of jewelry
  • Stylish, unique idea
  • Affordable (find mismatched cups at your local Goodwill)


  • Lack of large necklace storage

Any other great options?

After looking at all of these, I’m sure I’m missing some great ideas. How do you organize your jewelry? I’m thinking of using a combination of wall storage and the teacup idea, but I’m definitely up for any other suggestions!

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  1. Juana says

    I love this post — especially since I have no idea what to do with my jewelry after the move.

    Right now, everything is embarassingly in zip-lock bags because I haven’t lived in the same place for more than 4 months in the last two years.

    Any tips on how to manage and organize jewelry while traveling?

  2. says

    That’s a great question!

    Lately I’ve been moving mine in the Rubbermaid but I would definitely recommend taking the time to wrap any “real” jewelry in a soft fabric or putting them back into their cases (who keeps those things?).

    I’m actually going to do a little searching to see what I can find!
    Rachael´s last post ..How to- Store jewelry

  3. says

    I love this post. It’s something I haven’t run across before and something I definitely need help with. I don’t know if I should be proud or embarassed to say that I have a LOT of jewelry and very little space. Right now, I have all of my necklaces hanging (displayed) on a vintage floor lamp in my room. I have a large vintage candy dish that is full of bracelets, an earring holder that is made to look like a clothes hanger which is holding all of my dangling earrings and then a giant caboodle that everything else is stuffed into. I’d definitely like something a little more organized. The teacup idea is adorable and I’m already on the hunt for some new-to-me furniture so I may just have to make room for a jewelry drawer. Thanks for the great post!

    meagan´s last post ..Outfit du Jour- For Beginners

  4. says

    Please keep us posted if you find any other good ideas for storing jewelry! That problem has plagued me for years. I love over-the-top costume jewelry, which means most of my necklaces are far too big for most storage containers/options.

    I love the pretty mannequins, but I have much too much jewelry for that. I’ve never thought of drawer organizers, though.
    Gwen´s last post recommendations from my family to you and yoursRed

  5. says

    I just bought an old printer’s type tray (you know, from when stuff was printed with little metal letters that had to be arranged in a printing press) that has tons of little spaces. People use them for shadowboxes and they’re sold by the dozens on EBay. I’m going to clean mine up, paint it, and put all my earrings in there.
    Cynthia´s last post ..GAAD October Recap

  6. says

    Meagan – I LOVE the idea of the vintage floor lamp for the necklaces. I just got my earrings and bracelets all organized in teacups (took awhile because I had to convince the hubby to give me a drawer of his!) but I’m still working on the necklaces!

    Thanks for sharing! Sorry your comment ended up in spam for some reason.
    Rachael´s last post ..A little matchy matchy

  7. daisymay says

    Love the audrey cabinet! I actually use a combination of things but the best is shop displays that I buy off ebay I have a 3 tier velvet bracelet stand and a rotating brass earring stand. I also use a ring dish, picture hooks on my book case, a mirrored door set, 2 vintage leather jewellery cases and 3 dress shaped necklace stands. (far too much jewellery!) lol

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  8. says

    A great way to store big chunky necklaces or bracelets is in those clear plastic shoe things that hangs over your door. You know what I mean?

    Otherwise, I have 2 decorative jewelry trees that hold a few day to day things, then a jewelry box with different drawers and compartments and a few messy tangled drawers in my dresser. It’s not a perfect system!

  9. says

    You’ve done some great research here – I’ve always loved the framed cork board idea and I think I’ll give it a go. I’ve got my jewellery stored in a little Indonesian chest with shallow drawers – easy to see everything, but I do prefer it all to be on open display so I don’t have to rummage during a mad styling frenzy!
    Desiree´s last post ..Halloween Forces

  10. says

    Oh, I love this post! It is serendiptious timing given that I am int he process of redecorating my bedroom and working out how to display what can only be described as a MAMMOTH jewelry collection. My plan is to do a giant pinboard of sorts for necklaces, brooches and hair pins and collect my earrings and rings in pretty teacups on display on a counter in my room.
    Hannah (Oh, Aesthetics!)´s last post ..Art- Selina Ous Beside Myself Collection

    • says

      Those ideas sound great! I actually decided to put my cups in a drawer because my old apartment gets soooo dusty! I’d love to see a photo!

  11. Jen says

    I use a large shallow purple basket I got at Dollar Tree for my bracelets. An old wine bottle holds my bangles. I’ve got the large jewelry chest for earrings, much like the before picture you showed. Putting small screws or nails into the wall or the back of your closet is the best I’ve found for necklace storage. Easy to store, remove, and also it can be pretty to have necklaces hanging on your wall.

    I also sell jewelry at craft fairs, and this is what I’ve used: wire baskets turned upside down with earrings placed on them, cheap picture frames (again Dollar Tree) with screening–go to Lowes and ask for screen for a screen door or embrodiery fabric for earrings, paper towel holders for bracelets, large picture frames with hooks or nails for necklaces.