5 Dairy Free Recipes I’d Actually Make Again

Dairy Free Mexican Quinoa One Pan Dish

Today officially marks one month since I’ve been dairy free. I’ll save you the the full (and not so pleasant) details on why I started down this path, but suffice to say a mix of my doctor’s urging and me finally deciding I didn’t have many other options to live a normal, healthy life led me […]

Introducing #SliderTheGreyt

Slider Greyhound Electric Slide Selfie

There’s no sense in creating a big lead up to the heart of this post. Bill and I adopted a dog. His name is Slider. Or actually, his legal name is Electric Slide but, no he doesn’t know the dance, and he only answers to Slider. When he wants to. As long as I’ve known Bill […]

Praying for Ferguson

Black Lives Matter - Ferguson Missouri Prayer March

My heart has been incredibly heavy this week as I take in all of the events happening just north of my beloved city in Ferguson, Missouri. Since the tragic news of Michael Brown’s death on Sunday, I’ve spent most waking hours trying to learn, read and consume any and all information on the ever-changing situation in […]

Price and Style

Striped Target Dress

For those somewhat new to my site, you may not know where the name Style Every Day came from. When I was in college, I was surrounded by a lot of girls who looked to high priced items for fashion. They equated price tag with style, when in reality they were just buying $200 sweatpants. […]

City Walk

Striped Maxi Dress

I say this a lot but I love my city. Saint Louis has truly become our home over the last two years and I can’t imagine living anywhere else at this point in my life. Dress: Target (I know! What a find!) | Scarf: c/o Cafepress.com (a client of mine!) | Bag: Olivia & Joy | Wedges: Zappos I love that I […]

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